Welcome to AA Rail

Serving railway operations and private industry throughout western canada. AA Rail has over 30 years of rail maintenance and quality railway related experience to offer to our clients.

A A Rail Contracting has complete capability for the supply of all types of track systems; high speed main line, heavy haul, urban mass transit and commuter systems, and light rail transits. In addition to our contracting skills, we are a leading international designer and manufacturer of switches and crossings, special track work and associated products. We have extensive experience in the design and construction of ballasted track as well as an unrivalled experience for track on concrete including advanced techniques for noise and vibration problems. We have constructed many different forms of slab track in tunnels, on viaducts and at grade.

A A Rail Contracting Rail Services Ltd. has the qualifications, experience and specialized resources. We currently provide unsurpassed comprehensive railway related services to our customers and are constantly growing to meet the requirements of our customers.
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